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2 years ago

Hot Porn Show

"What 's wrong? " This has long been the answer to my wife for the last years, when hotpornshow I raised the issue of her with a lover. It seemed to me that there must be fucking miserable deeply for others to understand. I have read the stories of many years on this side and that was confirmed in my mind what I feel, needs completely. My dear wife is blonde, beautiful proportions and does not look his 42 years. Has the envy of my colleagues who think they have been wonderful. It was a point this summer when he realized he had forgotten, though the fact that he had offered to organize the thought did not help things... Ooops ! But last week we went for a night with his company in London, and a very nice dinner at an elegant London hotel a group of us went to a very exclusive nightclub. in all we had a boogie and soon found myself dancing with hotpornshow some of my co- wife. You will know what it is, when it deprives many songs they love to play and the nextWhat do you know 15 minutes have elapsed. I retired from the girls, my wife, who was at the bar is in talks with some guys in the group. As I approached I saw that one of the guys hotpornshow had my wife out to the hip and immediately saw that he caressed her. I also saw that the attention does not stop and my heart in my mouth. that turned quickly and looked, and saw the man to move his attention to my wife again and she does not seem to bother him. knew I needed help with things, but I would not approach the group with the fear of ruin time. After a couple of Minuit, and someone has answered my prayer has worried the man left the group and went to the Lords. I followed and once inside he put his hand while urinating. He smiled to acknowledge and said, " Good night, huh ?" "Yes, I replied, but could be better for you" The man looked at me and laughed, "Sorry friend, in strict "..... womanizer I blushed, "No, look you have it wrong, I love you, myWomen ".... can you imagine how the conversation went, and came to another man, he looked at me and invited me to speak at the big clubs. S soon as I explained who I was and that was my wife , and was glad to let him try his luck. We agree that I return to my wife's friends, as long as possible and at the same time continue to cherish my wife. my ​​penis was stiff as a stick broom in the thought of what could be, and I had to make sure my jacket to hide the fact have. After waiting half an hour, hotpornshow could not, and I went to the bar to see my wife and the husband does not, where I had left. Looking around, I saw that now dance, dance my wife in close collaboration with him. s I saw it on the ground floor and looked with a groin hand on her stomach, breasts brushing. then left the dance floor and held her hand while she was at the bar, in my opinion, was a riot at the bar, my wife left the husband and went tothe bathroom. As soon as Flash, hotpornshow I decided it was hotpornshow time for his text, she has your phone to listen in the silence of the bathroom. I- Fast text the words "has for me please... and my name. S I waited until my phone rang... it was painfully my wife. " So you want it all modes " She laughed, " you son of a bitch.... im good job persisitant annoying " My wife took me out of the ladies and whispered," then take a taxi.... ill, my lover! " No, I managed to get a number of the cab of a gorilla and sought my hands when I called the number. Soon the three of us were waiting outside the club and my wife kissed me deeply, as the boy looked up from his office. " One for you, " he said, and I was very excited when I kissed the man, as it seemed an eternity to his tongue to explore. the taxi arrived early and the three we sat hotpornshow in the back, my hotpornshow wife in the middle. When we returned to our hotel, as I slid my hand under her dress looked kind of wives
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